• 1. Introduction to ABA (applied behavior analysis)

  • 2. Communication training to replace problem behavior

  • 3. Help your child to increase in compliance and independence

  • 4. Practice new ABA procedures

  • 5. Record data/graph using simple collection methods

  • 6. Weekly topic changes according to parent feedback: past topics include elopement, eating out at restaurants, going grocery shopping

Currently we offer two options regarding parent training:

  • 1. Small groups of typically 6 parents who have children with similar needs and challenges to their own. 60 minute session at a group rate of $30 per session.

  • 2. For parents who prefer private training in ABA, a BCBA will come to your home and work with you according to your schedule. All BCBAs will have a minimum of 3 years experience and matched to your specific needs. Typically this type of training works best when parents are on a consistent ongoing plan and schedule time to practice ABA with their child. Upon registration, you will be connected with one of our team members for scheduling. $150/hr.

ABA Training